How to Get a Clean List Through This HUGE Mailing List Maintenance Tip

I often talk about how emailing marketing is THE most lucrative and important part of your website. Before you try to get Facebook “Likes” or Twitter “followers” you should focus on developing your list above all else.

As you begin to develop your list, though, it can begin to get cluttered like anything else. This would be fine, except a clean email list will save you a lot of money.

This article will uncover the dirty secret that email marketing software companies don’t want you to know and teach you a lesson in mailing list maintenance which will save you a lot of money while keeping your email list as trim as possible.

It’s no secret that premium email software providers charge more money for the more subscribers whom you have on your list. The more subscribers you have, the more money it costs to upkeep your list.

What IS a bit of a nasty secret is that people who don’t even RECEIVE your emails count as subscribers according to email marketing software companies. Confused?

Say that someone subscribes to your mailing list. They opt in and receive a handful of emails from you. They decide that they don’t want to be on your mailing list anymore and unsubscribe. This happens all the time, and you would assume that that person would be taken off of your mailing list.

Believe it or not, they STAY right there and are counted as another subscriber even though they’re clearly not receiving your content. So if your total number of subscribers PLUS unsubscribers together equal enough to put you into the next payment tier with your email software company, you’ll be paying in that next tier for people who aren’t currently receiving your emails.

Most webmasters don’t realize this. Imagine having a mailing list in place for 5 or even 10 years. Think of all of the people who would subscribe then eventually unsubscribe in that time. If you promote your mailing list properly, you could amass unsubscriber numbers in the thousands, ten thousands, or even more in that time.

If you consider that that combined total could push you well into the highest tier and you’re paying $50 more each month because of those unsubscribers, this easily is costing you thousands of dollars extra over the period of a few years.

This is why mailing list maintenance is important for getting and keeping a clean email list. Luckily it’s simple enough to remove these unsubscribers from your list while you are logged into your account. Performing mailing list maintenance like this every few months is important as a result.

How to Build an Opt in Mailing List With 10,000 Subscribers

Opt in mailing list with many subscribers is great marketing tool which usually generates stable income its owner. The more subscribers you have the more you earn. This article will give you some tips how to build up opt in mailing list with 10,000 subscribers.

Tip #1:
No matter what way you use to convince the people to give you their email address you must make sure they agree to receive emails from you. They should make some action when they sign up (usually check the “I agree” box). After the registration they should receive confirmation email with the link which they need to click in order to be included in the mailing list. This is the only way how you can make sure that people sign up with their own email address.

Tip #2:
Create some free offer, e. g. free email course, provide some free service, give away free eBook etc. Every time somebody wants to enjoy your free offer he must to register with his own email address and agree to be included in your mailing list.

Tip #3:
Create a link directory and allow people to post their links in the directory in exchange for the mailing list inclusion. In these days many people are looking for free ways how to promote their websites and free directory link is something what they like. If you spend some time with link building your directory will get decent pagerank and it will attract more webmasters to submit their URLs to your directory.

Tip #4:
Start article directory. The concept works similarly like with the link directory. But with article directory you can earn additional income. First, article authors will come back to submit more and more articles. If you join some affiliate programs and put ads on the page with submission form you will earn some money from the sales generated using these ads. The content submitted by the writers will be indexed by search engines so you can expect some visitors who will read the articles. Place AdWords or other advertisements in the article body and earn additional cash.